5 Reasons Bras Break

Love the look and support of an underwire bra but hate it when the wire breaks or painfully pokes? What’s a girl to do?

I spoke with our Cacique team of buyers; designers and fit experts who explained the ins and outs of bra care that extend the life of your Cacique bras and prevent that pesky poke from a broken underwire.

1) Putting your bra in the dryer – Don’t do it! It’s really that simple. Heat from the dryer not only can shrink your bra but it causes underwires to become brittle, plus getting caught up in other clothes, twisted out of shape and weakened.

2) Washing your bra in the washing machine without a lingerie bag - Bras should be hand washed but who has the time, right? That’s what a lingerie bag is for.  Using a lingerie bag in the washing machine (delicate cycle only!) will prevent your bra from being twisted and getting caught in holes of the washer drum. Hand washing, hanging them to air dry and using lingerie wash (baby shampoo is a quick fix) helps extend the life of your bra. .

3) Not having enough bras in rotationYour bras do some pretty heavy lifting throughout the day and they need at least a day to rest.  Bras worn on consecutive days have weakened wires and become permanently stretched out of shape.

4) Your cup is too small - Each cup size is designed to hold a specific weight. If your cup is too small, additional weight weakens and eventually breaks the underwire.  Get a complimentary bra fitting at any Lane Bryant location to determine  your correct size. 80% of women wear the wrong size bra – don’t be one of them.

5) Your band is too tight – Bands that are too tight cause the underwire to spread farther apart than intended and a broken wire results. Be sure to get that complimentary bra fitting mentioned in #4.

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