6 Quick Everyday Energy Boosters


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For many of us, Old Man Winter has overstayed his welcome. In addition to being tired of the weather, it may seem that your get up and go got up and went – especially in the afternoon.

Banish the blahs and boost your energy with the following tips that promise quick pick-me-ups throughout the day.   

Oh, Nuts! –  A quick and tasty treat, nuts are a naturally healthy way to amp up your energy.  Consider almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts or a trail mix of your favorites. Grab a handful and go!

A hint of mint – The smell and taste of mint is a proven pick-me-up. Try it in a diffuser for aromatherapy or pop a hard peppermint candy or piece of gum in your mouth. Fresh breath is an added bonus!

Let the sunshine in – Working inside artificial light all day can zap your energy. Take a break from your desk, go outside and soak in some sunlight and fresh air to improve your energy level and mood. Look as great as you feel in the latest plus-size activewear.

Snooze – Forget the saying, “you snooze you loose”.  When taking a 20-minute nap in the afternoon, you’ll notice an uptick in your energy and attitude.  Snuggle into your Cacique sleepwear for a stylish siesta.

Take a breath – Think of it as mini-meditation. Take 5-minutes at least 3-times each day to take 10 deep breaths, hold it for 15-seconds and exhale slowly.  Imagine that you are inhaling energy and exhaling negativity.

Brighten up! – Your wardrobe says a lot about you and the mood you project. People respond to the mood you project so make it bright, energizing and happy.  Lane Bryant makes it easy – you can shop online by color - and don’t forget fresh spring styles to brighten you mood.


Share!  What ways do you give yourself a quick energy boost?