7 Ways To Show Yourself Some Love

Cupid is on the prowl and the romantic buzz is at a fever pitch with everyone thinking about what they can get their sweetie for Valentine’s Day.

But have you given any thought to showing yourself some love?

This Valentine’s Day, take some time to celebrate loving yourself this with the following tips that give your body and mind the sweet attention they deserve.

1) Seize the day by taking the time to slow down and appreciate the moment you’re in by being present with yourself and with others.

2) Make that doctor’s appointment that you’ve been putting off.

3) Go to bed a little earlier or sleep in a little later.  Relax in your favorite Cacique sleepwear or Tru to You loungewear .

4) Identify a worry or grudge that you’ve been holding onto and tell yourself “I’m letting it go.”  And do it.

5) List three things you love about yourself.

6) Indulge in a coffee scrub for a quick pick-me-up. Prepare a cup of your favorite blend. Mix 3 TBS of the used coffee grounds and 1 TBS salt in a bowl. Use as a scrub in the shower within 20 minutes (before the grounds start to oxidize).

7) Get a massage – partake with your significant other! Massage stimulates increased blood flow to the muscles and tendons, and also generates a sense of deep relaxation.

Share the ways you love yourself!