Breaking All The Rules – Show Your Stripes!

We’ve all heard the fashion rule about stripes.  We’ve been told for years to avoid them because of their reputation for making curvy girls look wide.  But rules were made to be broken and there are many stylish ways to wear stripes without worrying.

Give these suggestions a try and you’ll be striping it rich in no time!

Sleeveless Versatility – Gasp! Before you shake your head at the thought of stripes and sleeveless style together, think about the stylish mileage that comes with this combo.  A cute cardi or short-sleeve shrug over a striped sleeveless dress gives a fun feel while a structured jacket gives a more serious attitude.  Both pieces add interest to the pattern and the focus is on the complete package – not just the stripes.

Classic Boat Neck - Coco Chanel made the boat neck nautical stripe top an instant classic and it’s become a cornerstone of many wardrobes, pairing perfectly with everything from casual shorts to chic pencil skirts.  Add a trendy twist to this classic by adding a breezy scarf as an accent piece or drape a sweater around your shoulders to perfect the preppy look.

Fit Your Frame – Consider the size of the stripe and pick a pattern that fits your frame.  Narrow stripes play well with smaller frames while thicker stripes work well with larger ones.

Subtle Stripes – Can’t commit to full-fledged stripes but still want to try the trend? Take a test drive in the subtle stripe of a tie dye or mixed stripe pattern.

Casual Fun - If you’d rather take a casual or sporty approach to this fun-loving trend, look for bright or colorful stripes that add an instant, upbeat touch to any outfit and outlook.

Easy Does It – A few strategically placed stripes add an unexpected splash of color to this wear-anywhere maxi dress.

The Perfect Fit – When an item fits you well, stripes accentuate your positives.  Spice up your style with the perfect fit and a new pattern like these zig zag or chevron striped pieces


Share!  Do you adore or abhor stripes?