Model Ashley Graham Speaks Her Mind

By now you’ve seen our gorgeous model, Ashley Graham, getting ready for “lunch with Dan”. You’ve heard the controversy swirling around our groundbreaking lingerie commercial and you’ve felt the support of millions of people who join us in promoting the empowerment of full-figured women.

Now, here’s your chance to learn a bit about the beautiful model at the center of this controversial firestorm – Ashley Graham.

Ashley shared her feelings with us between television appearances, and we found her confidence to be as attractive as her lingerie.

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LB:  How long have you been modeling?
AG: I’ve been modeling 10 years – since I was 12 years old.

LB: How long have you been modeling for Lane Bryant?
AG: I’ve enjoyed modeling for Lane Bryant for about 5 years.

LB: When you were shooting the Cacique lingerie ad, did it cross your mind that it might be controversial?
AG: Absolutely not!  I was so honored to be representing women of my size and portraying “another” kind of beauty. No thought of controversy ever popped into my mind.

LB: What was your initial reaction when you were told that the Cacique lingerie ad wouldn’t be aired?
AG: I was completely shocked! I asked myself, “What was so wrong with getting ready in my lingerie?” Everywhere we look, sex is being thrown in our faces. The ad was sexy, but is was also tasteful, elegant and made to give full-figured women confidence in their bodies.

LB: Since you’ve started modeling, have you seen a growing acceptance of full-figured models?
AG: Of course! We are all over the news, magazines, runways shows, editorials, etc…and the industry is growing and getting more support all of the time. Women of all shapes and sizes want to be recognized, and I think the fashion industry is finally seeing that as well.

LB: Right now, size is a hot topic. Ten years from now, do you think we’ll still be talking about size-ism in the fashion industry?
AG: I truly hope not. I believe this is such a big issue now, and people are seeing the difference in what beauty can be.  Whether that is size, shape or color. Bringing awareness to society’s way of looking at beauty will, hopefully, change a lot of people’s perception of what beautiful is supposed to be.

LB:  What image do you try to project when modeling/being interviewed?
AG: I project an image of confidence to women of all shapes, sizes and colors. I wish for every woman to find something beautiful about herself and not compare herself to others.

LB:  What message would you like to convey to full-figured woman who may look up to you as a role model or gain inspiration from you?
AG: Reach for your goals and never let anyone step in your way. Be true to yourself and carry confidence on your shoulders! You are BEAUTIFUL!