Create Your Signature Style



Some people have an undeniable style that we recognize as their signature look – think Anna Wintour’s sunglasses. They take a particular piece, color or print and make it unforgettably their own.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to strut your stuff, but there are simple steps to take that help develop your own unique look.

Follow these helpful hints to find the fashion that embraces your personality and shows off your undeniable signature style.

Identifying what kind of style personality you have. Pull inspiration images from magazines, books, the Lane Bryant website, and even on the street.  Make a list of your favorite clothing items and focus on the style icons that you admire the most. Take bits and pieces of looks you like but don’t copy someone else’s look in its entirety.

Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow your fashion focus:

  • What type of clothes am I most comfortable in?
  • What activities do I usually participate in? What clothes are the most appropriate for my lifestyle?
  • What do I want my clothes to say about me? What sort of image do I want to project – glamorous, sexy, sophisticated, smart, confident or conservative?


Find Your Fit

The key to a flattering wardrobe is all about fit and proportion. Remember to play up your strengths. Whether you have sexy cleavage or great legs, use clothes to highlight your best features.

The Hues For You

The shades that suit you depend on your skin tone as well as the color of your hair and eyes. Some thoughts to keep in mind:

• Women with pale skin and dark hair and women with blond hair often do well with saturated brights such as violet, royal blue and emerald green.
• Women with medium-brown to dark-blond hair and warmer, darker skin tones often do better with muted alternatives such as lavender, coral, turquoise and olive green.

Take Inventory

Fight the urge to buy all new fashion by taking inventory of the styles in your closet that will work with your signature look.   Focus on each piece in a fresh light and consider wearing things in new and unique ways.  Donate items that won’t work with your new wardrobe.

Cut It Out

Your hair is your constant accessory—the right style flatters your face shape and makes the most of your features.  Make sure it’s a cut that’s easy to maintain so it looks great all the time.

Give It Time

Don’t expect your style to suddenly come together. Give yourself some time to become comfortable, switch things up and develop a look that becomes your signature for years to come.


Share your steps to a signature look!