Cacique lingerie: What your hue says about you


Recently, we posed a question to all of the Facebook fashionistas on our Lane Bryant Facebook Page, asking what makes them feel confident.

Many responded with an enthusiastic, “sexy lingerie!”

Women buy  lingerie to build self-confidence, feel powerful and often with seduction in mind – already thinking about Valentine’s day, aren’t you?

You know why you lust after lingerie, but did you know that your color of choice might also give insight into your personality?

Go undercover to find out what your lingerie color says about you and shop for your favorite Cacique plus-size braspanties, lingerie and sleepwear.  Be sure to sneak at Seriously Sexy Va-Va Voom Valentine’s Day collection.


- If you favor black lingerie, you’re probably pretty practical.

- It always looks clean and it’s a great option for wearing under dark colors that are often staples in your

wear-to-work wardrobe.

- Buyers of black lingerie may tend to hide their emotions.

- You’re strong, ambitious and are often the leader in a relationship when wearing



- You tend to be honest, in touch with your emotions and innocent.

- Wearing white lingerie is a sign that you’re caring and loving.

- You appreciate and like to enhance your natural beauty with this pure color.

- With a serious nature, you tend to be confident and calm.


- Ladies in red lingerie are passionate and energetic.

- You know your beauty is powerful and you work it for all it’s worth.

- The more drama the better!


- Precious pink lingerie shows you’re hopeless romantic and you love the idea of falling in love.

-  You revel in Romance

- You’re a gentle soul who shows their sassy side in haute pink.


Share!  Do these colors accurately reflect your personality?