Model Behavior – Tips To The Top

Who wouldn’t want to sashay down the runway wearing fabulous fashion and a stunning smile for an adoring crowd of photographers and fans?

Based on the number of requests we receive for modeling information and opportunities, many women aspire to be the next plus-size cover girl.  Although it may seem like an easy gig, professional modeling is more than just having a pretty face.  There are many aspects of the business, and it is a business, to consider that will ensure your first steps into the modeling world are the right ones.

To get started, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the    plus-size modeling industry.

Q.        What Are The Criteria For Plus Size Modeling?

A. Generally, modeling agencies are looking for plus size models who are between 5’9” and 6’0” and wear a size 10/12 to 14/16.  Most plus-size models work in catalog, online, and print campaigns for specialty brands and designers.


Q. I Don’t Meet The Modeling Criteria.  Do You I Have Other Options?

A. If you don’t meet the modeling criteria, local modeling opportunities, fit modeling and parts modeling may offer great alternatives.


Q.        Do I Need Photos?  How Do I Get Them?

A. Photos are a must.  To ensure that you are putting your best face forward, it is recommended that you hire a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist and photographer.


Q. What Types Of Pictures Should I Have In My Portfolio?

A.         Suggestive pictures should be removed from your portfolio and social media sites.  They are not acceptable to reputable modeling agencies and clients.

Photos you should include:

Headshot: Wear a classic top in a classic color so the photo doesn’t look dated.

Full Body Shot: Wear a classic, yet stylish outfit that shows your figure.  Wear heels.

Makeup: Simple is best.  Makeup should be neutral and your hair (natural color), should be worn down.


Q.        How Do I Contact A Plus Modeling Agency?

A. There are a variety of ways to contact agencies, but here are two of the most common:


Open Call

An open call is a specified time when an agency will see models.  Bring both your headshot and full body shot with your name, stats and contact information.  You can also bring your portfolio, if you have one.


Mailing Your Photos To A Plus Modeling Agency

Include a short letter with your pictures that should be at least 600×900. Send only professional pictures of yourself that feature your face, skin and figure.


Q.        What Else Can I Do To Help Get Me Noticed?

A. Try to attend industry events and share your photos with professionals who

may help you realize your dreams. Using social media in professional manner will also help get your name in front of industry movers and shakers.  “Like” and “follow” industry leaders on Facebook and Twitter and post only professional messages on your own social media accounts.  Rant about your boyfriend in private!


Q.        How Do I Contact Lane Bryant For Modeling Opportunities?

A.         All of Lane Bryant’s gorgeous models are represented by and booked through professional agencies.  You can have your agent send your portfolio to our corporate headquarters, attention: photo studio manager.


Interested in even more great plus-modeling tips?  Visit PLUS Model Magazine for  in-depth information on all aspects of the exciting modeling world and the most   up-to-date industry information.