Plus-Size Fashion Myths Busted

You’ve heard the saying, “Rules are made to be broken” and that old chestnut is true for many of the plus-size fashion rules that we’ve heard throughout the years.

Instead of dressing my default, dress for yourself and bust a few of these old-fashioned plus-size myths: 

Myth: Avoid wearing a belt if you have a thick waist

Fact:  The right belt can help define your waistline, accenting your curves in the most flattering way.  Position a high-waited belt just under your rib cage to accentuates the smallest part of your waist.

Myth: Prints and patterns will make you look heavier

Truth: Pick the right size prints and color combos.  Stick to three colors or less.  Stick to small or medium patterns.

Myth: Baggy clothes hide your figure flaws

Truth:  Wearing baggy and loose clothing actually makes you look bigger.  Accentuate your curves with form fitting fabrics.

Myth: The more covered up, the better

Truth: If you’re comfortable with your upper arms don’t be shy – reach for those tanks tops and sleeveless pieces.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently! If you feel self-conscious, top off with a cropped jacket or cardigan.

Myth: Pencil skirts are for skinny girls

Truth: The narrow silhouette of a pencil skirt can make accent your curves. The key is to find the right hemline.  Slightly above or below the knee is often the most flattering.

Myth: Only skinny girls can get away with skinny jeans

Truth: You can make skinny jeans work if you keep an eye on balance and proportion. Always finish with heeled boots or wedges that give a leg-lengthening illusion.

Myth No. 3:  Curvy short girls can’t wear long dresses

Bring on the maxi dress! Pair the super-popular maxi with some trendy wedge heels to create a long lean line. Pay attention to fit so not to overpower your frame. 

Myth No. 5: Bottom heavy girls shouldn’t wear white pants

Truth:  Repeat after me:  “I will pick my pants by cut. NOT color!”

Share!  What plus-size fashion myth do you like to bust?