The New Hues For You

Thoughts of spring bring to mind a palette of pretty pastels, subdued sherbets and muted tones that lend a familiar feel to your wardrobe. To add new hues for a fresh season, Pantone® shares their fashion color report, offering their top picks to create a colorful wardrobe.

Pantone’s fashion color report for spring 2013 highlights 10 new colors, ranging from neutral Linen to a vibrant Poppy Red with inspiration and style suggestions that bring you into a season of colorful style.


Find Your Favorite New Hue In Pantone’s Fashion Color Report Spring 2013

#1  Monaco Blue – A versatile tone that pairs with brights and grounds neutrals.

Look for this day-to-night color in denim to dresses.

#2  Dusk Blue -  Think tranquility of the ocean, fluidity and lightness. Shop beautiful


# 3 Emerald – A fresh feeling for a new season, pair with white for a cool look. Shop

gorgeous green.  Go green!

#4  Grayed Jade – A warm, pale shade of green. Add a pop of color and pair with

Poppy Red.

#5  Linen – A season-less foundation color, ideal to pair with black for eye-catching

contrast and softer tones for a spring fling.

#6  Poppy Red– Passionate and perfect for an attention-getting accent,  rev up your

wardrobe with red.

#7  African Violet – A vibrant color with soft undertones for springtime flair.  Pick

the perfect purple.

#8  Tender Shoots – A soft green, reminiscent of fresh spring foliage.

#9  Lemon Zest – Sunshine-inspired for a bright and energetic feeling. Perfect for

pairing with bright orange and pink for a festive feel.  Shop sunny styles.

#10 Nectarine – Bright and beautiful, nectarine adds a fresh and unexpected

feel to every outfit.  Stand out in orange.


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