10 Tips To Make Your Wardrobe Last



We all have our favorite pieces of clothing that we’d like to last forever.  Sadly, we have to part with them at some point, but there are lots of easy tips and tricks to help extend the life of many pieces of your wardrobe.

Read on to learn how to make your wardrobe last!

Stay Well-Heeled. A car’s floorboard scuffs the heel, and the pedal scratches the toe. Drive in versatile flats or try heel covers. Quick Fix: Keep a pair of flats in your car so you don’t forget.

Wash Whites After Every Wear. Congratulations! You made it through the day spill-free and it’s tempting to put that spotless white blouse back into the closet.  But wait! Body oils and perspiration, that you can’t see,  can start to give that once-bright white blouse a yellowish tint, so be sure to wash it after every wear.

Don’t Overdo The Dryer. Excessive heat makes fibers brittle, causing the fabric to break down and is especially hard on anything containing spandex. Shapewear and bras are particularly vulnerable to dryer heat. Extend the life of your lightweight garments like intimates, tees and camis by removing them from the dryer 10 minutes earlier than heavy garments, such as sweatshirts and jeans.

Just In Time For Jewelry. Over time, beauty products like perfume and body lotion leave a greasy build-up on jewelry. Wait 15 minutes after applying perfume or body lotion before adorning yourself with favorite jewels.

Give Your Bras A Rest. Bras do a lot of heavy lifting.  Allow them to rest for a day in between wearings so the elasticity has a chance to bounce back. Not allowing them to rest or not having enough bras in rotation will shorten the lifespan of every bra.

Don’t Handle The Handbag. Store your handbags in storage boxes or dust bags on a shelf instead of hanging the bag by the handles. Hanging by handles puts stress on the strap seams and can leave irreparable marks.

Zip Up! The teeth of metal zippers (think jeans!) or any kind of hook closure (think bras!) can potentially cause damage to everything they come in contact with, particularly in the washer and dryer. Keep your clothing snag-free by closing all zippers and clasps before tossing clothes into the hamper. Double-check before putting them in the washing machine and dryer.

Keep It Together. It’s important to dry clean all pieces of an outfit at one time – even if you didn’t wear one, or one is dirtier than another. Otherwise, one piece will fade at a faster rate and can’t be worn with coordinating pieces. The finishing and pressing process can damage fabric overtime, so it’s also important to dry clean items only 3 to 4 times per year.

Third Time’s A Charm. Wash unstained jeans every third wear. Not only will they last longer, they always seem to feel best after a couple of wears, right? Launder them inside out and in cold water. To preserve a deep rinse, skip the dryer altogether. Let them air dry or take them to the dry cleaner.

Don’t Dive In. Remove all jewelry before swimming.  Chlorine wears away the surface and the shine of jewelry.


Share! What are your secrets to extending the life of your favorite fashion?